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Here’s How You Can Avoid Stress at Work

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While some stress at the workplace is normal, excessive stress can lead to a disturbing environment at the workplace. Individuals around the globe have to cope up with stress at the workplace every day. There are days when they come across a lot of stress which can affect their work and also compromise their reputation. It is very important to handle stress at workplace. All the professionals in the world come across stress on a daily basis especially nurses, who have to cope up with stress all day or night long.

Kelly Sines

Kelly Sines – Level III Staff Nurse, UPMC Shadyside Hospital SSU

Too much of work or patients can affect the productivity level of employees. Nurses have to handle numerous patients every day, they have to be ready all the time to handle multiple patients, which can affect their performance at the workforce and unacceptable performance at the workplace can lead to termination, therefore, the nurses have to make sure to handle their stress properly. There are multiple ways to avoid stress at work while coming across multiple patients.

1) Don’t panic

The first tip to avoid stress is to avoid panicking. You need to be active while handling patients because you won’t be able to handle your patients properly if you panic at the workplace. Moreover, you’ll also lose your patients if you panic at the workplace. You have to handle the patients properly and avoid stress. Nurses come across multiple patients every day and they have to treat all the patients properly because it is important to serve the patients effectively.

2) Make notes

The second tip is to keep records. If you want to avoid stress at work then you should always keep records of your patients. As mentioned earlier, nurses have to treat multiple patients the whole day so keeping records can help them to keep a record of their patients. It is important to keep records of your patients’ and store all the information because the information about the patients is important to treat the patients in future. Keeping record is helpful for every professional in the world. If a nurse or doctor keeps the record, he can treat his patients effectively on their second visit. If a nurse wants to treat her patients effectively then he or she should keep a record of all the patients, their medications, and prescriptions.


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Kelly Sines has got her BS Nursing degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and she has been serving at the UPMC Shadyside Hospital SSU from the last 10 years. Kelly Sines has worked as a preceptor for multiple student nurses.

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