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The Responsibilities of a Nurse

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Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses assist doctors and see patients directly as well. They can easily treat multiple minor problems. There are different types of nurses and they all serve different disciplines of medicine. Nurses specialize in different sectors, however, most of the nurses are specialized to serve in all fields of medicine. Are you a nurse? People working as nurses will know how hard it is to handle the job and the responsibilities because the responsibilities vary from place to place. Nurses serving at a clinic will have different responsibilities to handle compared to nurses serving in the hospitals. There are multiple responsibilities of a nurse.

Kelly Sines

Kelly Sines – Level III Staff Nurse, UPMC Shadyside Hospital SSU

These responsibilities are fulfilled by most of the nurses out there. Are you struggling to understand the responsibilities of a nurse? Worry not, we have your back. Here are a few responsibilities of a nurse.

1) Assist doctors

This is the most important responsibility of a nurse. The nurses have to assist the doctors. The doctors won’t be able to conduct all the operations, surgeons, or different procedures without the help of the nurses. They need nurses to assist them to fulfill their tasks effectively. A doctor will need at least 5-6 nurses while operating someone. The doctor can focus on the patients and the nurses can help them treat them effectively. Nurses play a great role in the success of operations. However, doctors get to take all the credit for themselves, when in fact, the nurses play an equally important role in the success of a medical procedure.

2) Handle patients in doctors’ absent

Doctors are not available all the time, so who’ll handle an emergency case in the absence of the doctor? The nurses can easily help the patients in an emergency, they can at least treat them if they have any minor problems, however, a nurse is not responsible for treating major medical procedures. Handling some minor problems in the absence of the doctor will help you gain experience and help the doctor as well.

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Kelly Sines has got her BS Nursing degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and she has been serving at the UPMC Shadyside Hospital SSU from the last 10 years. Kelly Sines has worked as a preceptor for multiple student nurses.

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